About Us

The Love Garden is a luxury floral atelier renowned for their signature arrangements, events design and styling aesthetic that blossom everlasting manifestations of love.

Our Ethos

Our Design Aesthetic

The underlying themes of our design aesthetic have always been elegance and timelessness. However, what shapes and imbues a profound depth and vibrancy into the final design is your story. With every arrangement, bouquet, or floral design, each visual element is intentionally curated to tell your story through the language of flowers.

Our brilliant florists and event designers are celebrated not only for their expertise in florals and aesthetics but are also esteemed as visual storytellers

Our Philosophy

The core of our brand philosophy is the belief that every floral arrangement, whether crafted to kindle romance, commemorate a celebration, or convey the solemnity of bereavement, is an unequivocal expression of love. The hand that gifts flowers comes with a heart that simply means to say "I love you."

By embodying this philosophy, our aim is to touch people's hearts and inspire them to always seize the opportunity to create special and memorable moments with the people they love. In this way, no matter what season of life you're in, whether you're celebrating something big or small, the love garden you keep in your heart will always be in bloom.

Our Partnerships

What sets us apart is our commitment to nurture a strong and collaborative relationship with our clientele that transcends mere patronage. Through this dynamic, we are able to accommodate the aspirations of our clients and align in a shared vision, resulting in designs that leverage the artistry of our floral designers and deeply resonate with our clients. The beauty of The Love Garden experience lies in the way we value building last relationships that give rise to the highest form of floral artistry.


The (Longer) Story ❤️

Chapter I

The year is 1979. Donnina Halley, or fondly known as "Nina" to her loved ones, held the keys to The Love Garden close to her heart. Nina was known to have a flair for florals, an eye for the aesthetic value of things, and a natural ability to manifest love into the world through her intrinsic creativity. What sprung from that is The Love Garden, her very own flower boutique. It was one of the first to be established in Metro Manila.

Nina sat down at her desk to write up her very first invoice. In the delicate strokes of her elegant handwriting, she billed Invoice 000001 to Simon Halley. The mere shape of that name always made her heart flutter. Whether it was signed at the end of saccharine love letters, next to her name on a marriage certificate, or now on the first invoice of The Love Garden.

She gazed upon the bouquet she had meticulously arranged, lightly caressing the petals of her favorite flower with her thumb. A familiar feeling bloomed in her chest and warmed her cheeks. It was curated exactly to her liking, with each flower thoughtfully chosen and positioned to convey a love story written in the language of flowers. A language Nina was fluent in. The best part was that the bouquet was for her.

This bouquet that celebrated the love story of Nina and Simon was the first of many manifestations of love that blossomed in The Love Garden.

Chapter 20

Among the fallen petals strewn about the workshop floor, resembling constellations in the sky, sat a little girl named Rhiannon in her school uniform. The room was perfumed with the fragrance of freshly cut flowers. Looking up from the little galaxy of ribbons, flower buds, and baby’s breath on the floor she saw familiar faces arranging flowers, trimming stems, and embellishing bouquets. Growing up, she had come to know these florists as her friends. 

In the other room, she could hear the sweet sound of her mother's voice, entertaining one of their regular customers. Her voice peaked with joy at the news of an accepted proposal that was years in the making. Love grows, where Nina Halley goes. 

Rhiannon picked up a card that floated down from a workshop table. It read, "Flowers from The Love Garden, they'll know it's from the heart." Below the flower boutique's tagline, there was a handwritten note with the "i" and the exclamation point dotted with hearts. The note said, "Happy Valentine's Day, mahal ko!”. She handed the card over to the florist who dropped it. The florist gave Rhi a small smile and said, "Thanks for helping." 

She resigned herself to watching the flurry of floral arrangements coming in and out of the workshop, ignoring the homework inside her backpack that was tucked away somewhere in the shop. The pre-made arrangements were neatly lined up in the other room ready to be picked up by suitors, partners, spouses, or anyone who wanted to join in on the lovey-dovey festivities.

It was Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

The shop would be open for 24 hours to accommodate all the orders, her mom wouldn’t be coming home tonight. She already missed her just thinking about it but watching her mom and the way she floated around the shop, exuding an inner radiance akin to love itself, was always mesmerizing. To see how her mom's love for flowers sparked so many special moments was truly a sight to behold.

Chapter 44

In 2024, after 44 years in business, Rhiannon inherited the keys to The Love Garden. Her happiest memories growing up were when she and her family would travel and visit different gardens around the world. But this one was different. This garden now belonged to her.

As she got older and came into her own, she chose astra over asters. She felt more confident reading tarot cards over arranging a bouquet of flowers.

Her grief-stricken heart stirred with questions of uncertainty, but if there was one thing that Rhiannon could recognize among the buds and the blooms, it was magic. And The Love Garden was flourishing with it. What her mom and dad cultivated transcended everything - time, life, death - in the same way love transcended all things.

Her heart was called to preserve the love they shared like flowers pressed in between the pages of a classic romance book.

Now, she was ready to turn the page.